Year Model/Description
1968 DV-2D
Used with a flat sheet type bubble oxygenator.
1974-1980 DV-3D
Only heart lung machine, at  that time, to be able to  accommodate with a Kolobow membrane oxygenator.
1980 FL-2300
Reengineered 5 pump system which are positioned in front of the operator.
1981 KTH-333
6 pump system with the optional auto recording system. Pioneer in the auto recording system development.
1986 Compo I
Component system setup. Flexible layout.
1987 Compo II
Pulsatile flow control is incorporated. Patented alpha-shaped pump sleeve.
1995 Compo III
Patented omega-shaped pump sleeve can minimize the hemolysis.
2000 SDD Roller Pump System
Removable pump head from the controller. Dedicated sterile sheet which incorporates the CPB tubing circuit. Extremely low priming volume setup.
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