We are committed to providing you with the best experience to our service. Technowood group has the following organizations:

Technowood America Corporation (North, Central and South Americas, Eastern Europe)

3001 Red Hill Avenue, Building 2, Suite 203, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, U.S.A.

TEL:     1-714-434-8713

FAX:     1-714-434-8715

E-mail:  info@technowood.com


Technowood Corporation (Japan; Technowood Group Headquarter)

30-19 Kohoku, 4-Chome, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, 123-0872, Japan

TEL:     81-3-3856-4111

FAX:     81-3-3856-4113

E-mail:  information@technowood.co.jp


Technowood Manufacturing Corporation (Philippines)

N 2840 Bayanihan Street Extension, CFZ (Clark Freeport Zone), Pampanga, 2023, Philippines

TEL:     63-45-599-5570

FAX:     63-45-599-5574

E-mail:  tmc-contact@technowood.com.ph


Technowood International Pte. Ltd. (Middle East, Western Eurpoe, ASEAN, Asia outside of ASEAN)

112 Robinson Road, Suite #5-10, 068902, Singapore

TEL:     81-3-3898-5252

FAX:     81-3-3898-5252

E-mail:  info@technowood.com.sg

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