Cardioplegia Pump
banner ALL-In-One System that allows a flexible layout featuring:
SDD (Separate-Direct-Drive) Pump Heads can be positioned away from the system to minimize the priming volume.
The control box can be separated from the system to allow perfusionist to manage various extracorporeal circulation environments.
Master-slave control is available for the 2 roller pump heads with programmable feature at desired % RPM ratio of master pump.
The system has built-in heating and cooling capability for various myocardial management.
A wide range pressure monitoring for (from negative -50 mmHg to Max 450 mmHg) with:
1) Auto flow rate control capability
2) Auto perfusion stop capability
Programmable perfusion volume with:
1) Auto stop at the end of programmed volume perfused
2) Real-time display of remaining time to complete the perfusion
Timer x 1 channel
Temperature monitor x 2 channels
Bubble Sensor (Option) with Air bubble detection in the perfusion line and pump stop feature.
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